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Where does Swedenborgian fit?

Where Does Swedenborg Fit in Today’s Conversations about the Bible?

The Christian Bible remains to this day the most culturally influential book in the history of the world. Representing one-third of the earth’s 7.7 billion people, Christianity is both the largest and, on a worldwide basis, the fastest growing faith tradition.

Daily spiritual practice

A Daily Spiritual Practice Based on Swedenborg’s Rules of Life

Though Swedenborg’s “Rules of Life” have been in Swedenborgian published discourse since as early as his memorial service, disagreement exists on whether he literally penned these rules.

Usefulness as a cornerstone

How Usefulness Became a Cornerstone Swedenborgian Spiritual Growth Method

When Wilson Van Dusen’s 1981 Uses: A Way of Personal and Spiritual Growth was republished as a pamphlet, it rapidly progressed into a runaway favorite in all quarters of Swedenborgiana.

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